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About Civis

While our history is rooted in political campaign targeting, we’re now partnering with intelligent organizations in healthcare, media, education, and a range of other domains. We’re also building cloud-based products to do data science better.

Our story

Campaign Trail

Born on the campaign trail

Dan Wagner (Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Civis Analytics) served as the Chief Analytics Officer on the Obama for America 2012 Campaign, overseeing a 54-person team that revolutionized political data and analytics. More than a third of the original team works at Civis today.


Partnering with smart organizations

Since Civis opened in the Spring of 2013, we have expanded our client base to include non-profits and corporations. Today, we work with leaders in social good, media, education, consumer package goods, telecom, and healthcare.
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Empowering Products

Building products that empower

Today, we build technology solutions that provide quiet integration. Our cloud-based platform empowers organizations to run analytics faster, smarter, and more accurately. We give your organization tools to eliminate waste and better prioritize your resources.

Our team structure

Our unique team structure allows us to solve your biggest problems with custom solutions and the technology to scale them.

Data Science R and D does the math. Engineering builds the tools. Applied Data Science solves the problem.

The Civis principles


We earn trust by holding ourselves accountable to data.

We make experimentation accessible; we iterate, and never settle until our high standard of excellence is met. All work is evidence-based and grounded in good science.


You trust us because we find and respect the truth.

We deliver the truth told by the data, even when it is inconvenient, to help you adapt, survive, and thrive.


We don’t merely execute; we empower organizations.

We give people in organizations the tools to access their data through quiet, technological integration.