We are a community of engineers, data scientists, and statisticians, and are looking to add to our growing team. We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?

Open Positions

Join the Team

Our team is growing fast. We look for a diversity of backgrounds with demonstrated problem-solving skills We value creativity, hard work and excellence. Here are a few more reasons it’s great to work at Civis:


You will learn.

Our staff comes from industry, academia, and consulting.


Your work will be diverse.

Every day we solve cutting-edge problems at the intersection of technology, data science, and practical application.


Your voice is heard.

Challenge our assumptions, make us rethink our strategy, and help us improve our solutions. Your expertise will be a critical part of our success.


Make the world a better place.

Our team doesn’t just experience the thrill of solving interesting problems. They have the satisfaction of knowing that their work makes a difference in the world.


We trust you.

A perk of working with the best and brightest is that we give you the trust and space you deserve. Interested in pursuing a new way of solving an old problem? Give it a shot. Yes, you'll still have deadlines and deliverables, but we purposefully give creativity the room and respect it deserves.