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Custom data science solutions

We aren't spreadsheet-driven consultants – we're data scientists.
We’ll work closely with your teams to develop the right research questions, structure your terabytes of data, and then predict, test, and validate. You’ll learn the fundamentals of data science and become empowered to use the tools yourself.

Market research, surveys, & polling

Civis turns the strategic and tactical challenges your organization faces into discrete research questions. From here, our team of survey scientists measures these research questions and provides data-driven guidance to help you navigate tough decisions.

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Research Polling
Social Listening

Social listening

Social media is changing how people communicate. It’s important to listen to customers whether through surveys or in public forums like Twitter. Civis Analytics works to uncover relevant conversations and the impact of content to better understand topics, trends, and communities naturally occurring on Twitter.

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Tests that drive solutions

To meaningfully answer the question “What should I do?” we have to develop a robust understanding of the relationship between action and outcome. Our expert social scientists work with you to develop randomized controlled trials to measure the causal impact of your interventions – the cornerstone of building a winning strategy.

Field Experiments
Individual Level

Individual-level predictive modeling

The world is no longer defined by broad demographic segments. Every individual is unique. Civis Analytics can help you build person-level predictions so you communicate with exactly the right people with the right message at the right time.

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Civis Analytics is helping our customers from businesses, non-profits, government organizations and more to solve some of the world’s most complex data science challenges.

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