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We're solving the world's biggest problems with big data. Through research, experimentation, and iteration, we’re transforming how organizations do analytics. Our clients range in scale and focus from local to international, all empowered by our individual-level, data-driven approach.

What We Do

Research and Polling

Research and Polling

Civis turns the strategic and tactical challenges your organization faces into discrete research questions. From here, our team of survey scientists measures these research questions and provides data-driven guidance to help you navigate tough decisions.


Individual-Level Predictive Modeling

The world is no longer defined by broad demographic segments—individuals are unique and multi-faceted. The bedrock of Civis is building world-class person-level predictions that help you find and communicate with exactly the people you’re looking for.

Field Experiments

Field Experiments

To meaningfully answer the question “What should I do?” we have to develop a robust understanding of the relationship between action and outcome. Our expert social scientists work with you to develop randomized controlled trials to measure the causal impact of your interventions—the cornerstone of building a winning strategy.

Media Optimization

Media Optimization

Bring the power of individual-level targeting to TV optimization. We match individual attributes to set-top box information to find the specific TV shows and day parts that your audience watches.


Data Science Infrastructure

Effective organizations empower stakeholders to make better decisions with data. Our tools bring you up close and personal with the most cutting-edge algorithms so that you can make great decisions with data, without needing a PhD statistician to interpret the data for you.

Case Studies


How can we predict voter outcome to help manage our outreach resources?

We used our Golden program to perform 60,000 daily simulations to remove polling biases and keep us as accurate as possible.
Read the full case study.

Insurance Enrollment

How can we identify people without insurance for Affordable Care Act enrollment?

No list of uninsured existed, but our model of the uninsured helped our partners achieve their outreach goals.
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What combination of attributes in our ads will positively impact the perception of our brand?

The makers of Moto Guzzi and Vespa, needed to identify the best online ad but testing Piaggio’s desired combinations using traditional A/B testing was too difficult. Our survey design helped the scooter maker identify the right ads for distinct consumers.
Read the full case study.

predictive model pick-up rates

How can we optimize our donation collection efforts?

We built a predictive model that estimated pick-up rates could increase by 85% if phone numbers were reprioritized.
Why we love models.

All of our work is enabled by our cloud-based data science platform. Our platform puts data science workflows into the hands of an organization’s staff so they can do cutting-edge work beyond their technical skill or scientific depth. This is how we empower organizations.

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